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                                                                      Updated 4/4/14

Unless and until the new APHIS rules are overturned, you will no longer have the right to have a Dynadauxie shipped to you.  The following PINK text is NOT in effect at this time.  You might want to refer to the fight for your rights information on my homepage.........While nobody loves shipping puppies, realistically it might be the only way to get them to a good home.    Many good homes would have missed out on a good puppy without the option of airline transport.  Luckily, Dynadauxies tend to arrive and ask where the party is.


Puppies will not be shipped as live animal cargo younger than 11 weeks.   To ship on an airlines runs an additional $300 which includes airfare, health certificate and a new vari kennel to keep for your puppy. 


Alternatively, you can fly in (or drive here) to pick them up between 9 and 11 weeks depending on my schedule and yours.  In this case you can put them in a carrier under your seat on most airlines and I will meet you at the airport.


On occasion a puppy can be transported by me en route to a dog show or other destination which obviously is on a case-by-case basis.  Just ask and we can certainly see what is doable.  You never know until you ask...........


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