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  This page is long over due.  I have included some move-in as well as recently taken pictures.

                                                                                                                                                                        Created 3/20/08

Dynadaux Kennel at Move-In Fall 2000

Our facilities are complete with all the comforts of home for both humans and canines. 

To make sure there is plenty to go around, Dynadauxies also have a part-time Nanny to assist with the loving and cleaning. 

With wall to wall tile, full laundry and bathroom, cable TV, sound system, fridge, microwave and heat/air everyone stays comfortable. 

Kennel is kept 70 to 80 degrees year round, it is kept warmest for the younger puppies. 

Radio or cable TV is kept on at all times.

Pictures 1 & 2 shows the food prep/laundry and bathing area.  Picture 3 shows the interior portion of the generous size runs.


Pictured below is a view of the outside runs which are 30 plus feet long and have 8ft of cover.  There is no outside access to these runs.  For security the only access is from the inside of the kennel and there are gates that open up into the run next to it.  Great thought has gone into the care and safety of our showdogs.  


A clean kennel is essential.   Our full bath doubles as a janitor closet. 



Dynadaux Kennel March 2008

Here are a few shots of our dogs in their indoor/outdoor runs.




And of course, a few of our awards.



Dynadaux House Nursery March 2008

We are ready and waiting for our next litter...........puppies are born in the kitchen where they are raised to about 5 or 6 weeks and then they go to the kennel where they get used to a new environment, noises etc. Puppies are wormed weeks 3 though 9 and have 1 or 2 shots by the time they leave. Pets are sold on spay/neuter agreement with limited AKC paperwork.




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