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                                                                                      Updated 6/10/14

MBIS MBISS CH Dynadaux Little Miss Honky Tonk MS ROMX  - Suzy - Photo
1997 #1 Miniature Smooth Dachshund
1998 #1 Miniature Smooth Dachshund
1999 #1 Miniature SmoothDachshund
Holds the record with three AKC All-Breed Best In Shows  RETIRED

CH Dynadaux Girls Gone Wild  MS - Marilyn -  Photo  RETIRED
2006 #1 Smooth Dachshund                      
2006 #1 Miniature Smooth Dachshund
Another history making achievement                                                  

CH Dynadaux Redneck Girl  MS - Bellamy -  Photo 
2007 #1 Miniature Smooth Dachshund                  RETIRED

CH Dynadaux Redneck Yacht Club  MS - Yachtze -  Photo 
2007 #1 Miniature Smooth Dachshund                  RETIRED

MBISS GCH CH Dynadaux Redneck Fancy Boy Ms  - Dino -  Photo

BISS GCH CH Dynadaux Hey Good Girlicious Ms - Pandorable -  Photo

GCH CH Dynadaux Little Bit Of Life Ms  - Nancy Grace -  Photo RETIRED

CH Dynadaux Honky Tonk Redneck Song MS - Smash -  Photo

CH Dynadaux Honky Tonk Girlicious MS - Jerilyn -  Photo RETIRED

CH Dynadaux Honky Tonk Anatomy MS - Rodney -  Photo  RETIRED

CH Dynadaux Hello Honky Tonk MS - Sashay -  Photo   RETIRED

CH Dynadaux She Got That Thang MS - Tilde -  Photo 

CH Dynadaux Keep On Smilin MS - Taffeta -  Photo 

CH Dynadaux Baby Looks Good In Camouflage MSB - Camilla -  Photo 

CH Dynadaux Out With My Boots On MS - Bamma -  Photo 

CH Dynadaux With A 455 Rocket MS - Carly Sue -  Photo 

Ch Dynadaux  Fly Redneck Redbird MS - Rooster -  Photo RETIRED

CH Dynadaux Georgia On A Fast Train MS - Georgie -  Photo RETIRED

CH Dynadaux Fantasy Girl MW - Jolie -  Photo RETIRED  

CH Dynadaux Honky Tonk Baby MS - Ruffles -  Photo RETIRED  

CH Dynadaux More Then A Feeling MW - Drillbit -  Photo RETIRED  

CH Dynadaux Something About You MW - Boston -  Photo RETIRED 

CH Dynadaux Honky Tonk Songs MS - DJ -  Photo  RETIRED

CH Dynadaux Redneck Velvetcake MS - Crimson -  Photo RETIRED 

GCH CH Dynadaux Redneck Dirty Girl MS - Scarlett -  Photo RETIRED

CHILE CH Dynadaux With A Wild Ride MS - Pontiac -  Photo RETIRED

CAN CH Dynadaux Famous In A Small Town MS - Sookie -  Photo RETIRED

CH Dynadaux Idle Gossip Ms - Juicy -  Photo  RETIRED

CH Dynadaux Ruby Redneck Lipstick Ms  - Bella -  Photo RETIRED  

Dynadaux Music And Lyrics Ms CD  - Sophie -  Photo  RETIRED

CH Magik Rainbow Graf Orloff At Dynadaux Ms - Graphiti -  Photo  RETIRED

CH Magik Rainbow General Ms - Buch -  Photo  RETIRED

CH Dynadaux Country Boy's Toolbox Ms - Manny -  Photo   RETIRED

CH Dynadaux A Country Girl Can Ms - Camber -  Photo  

CH Dynadaux Redneck Firebird Fly Ms - Birdie -  Photo  

CH Dynadaux With A Faster Car Ms - Dash -  Photo RETIRED

CH Dynadaux With Four On The Floor Ms - Axel -  Photo

GCH CH Dynadaux Honky Tonk Rebelicious Ms  - Belle -  Photo

CH Dynadaux Honky Tonk Fergalicious Ms  - Fergie -  Photo

CH Dynadaux Honky Tonk Hunkalicious Ms - Hubba -  Photo RETIRED

CH Dynadaux Hot Little Hillbillie Girl Ms  - Busy -  Photo  

CH Dynadaux Shifting Gears Ms  - Texas -  Photo  RETIRED

CH Dynadaux Pickin Up Speed Ms  - Alexas -  Photo  

CH Dynadaux Fast Cars Slow Kisses Ms - Frenchie -  Photo  

CH Dynadaux Hey Jude V Schooner Ms - Junebug -  Photo   RETIRED

GCH CH Dynadaux She's A Heartbreaker Mw- Smooch -  Photo  RETIRED

CH Dynadaux Sharp Dressed Man Mw  - Tuxedo -  Photo  RETIRED

CH Dynadaux Oughta Be A Country Song Ms - Dervy -  Photo  

CH Dynadaux Sing-A-Long Country Song Ms  - Ditta -  Photo  

CH Kurzebeine Ms Von Got My New Country On Ms - Landen -  Photo  

CH Dynadaux Fast Cars N Freedom MS - Danica -  Photo  RETIRED

CH Dynadaux Me and My Gang MS - Two-Tone -  Photo  RETIRED

CH Dynadaux Louisiana Hot Sauce MS - Larissa -  Photo  RETIRED

CH Dynadaux Wild Southern Boy MW - Pistol Pete -  Photo  RETIRED

CH Dynadaux Redneck Woman MS - Tawdry -  Photo  RETIRED

CH Dynadaux Down In Mississippi MS - Naughtia -  Photo  RETIRED

CH Sonderbar Like A Star  MS (Aus Imp) - Keith -  Photo  RETIRED

CH Sonderbar Shine  MS (Aus Imp) - Shania -  Photo  RETIRED

CH Dynadaux Texas Redneck Romeo MS - Charlsie -  Photo  RETIRED

CH Dynadaux Honky Tonk Man  MS - Dwight -  Photo  RETIRED

CH Dynadaux Honky Tonk Badonkadonk  MS - Bebe -  Photo  RETIRED

CH Dynadaux Sawdust On Her Halo  MS - Honor -  Photo  RETIRED

CH Dynadaux Honky Tonk One-O-One  MS ROMX - Jada -  Photo  RETIRED

CH Dynadaux Honky Tonk History  MS - Jett -  Photo  RETIRED

CH Dynadaux Puzzle of Love MSP- Puzzle -  Photo  RETIRED

CH Dynadaux I'm The Fireman MSCP RN- Nozzle -  Photo  RETIRED

CH Dynadaux Honky Tonk Champagne MS- Bailey -  Photo  RETIRED

CH. Dynadaux Miss Independant MS- Bridget -  Photo  RETIRED

CH Dynadaux 100 Pct Texan Martini MS- Martini -  Photo  RETIRED

CH Dynadaux Me and Mrs Jones MW- Jonesy -  Photo  RETIRED

CH Dynadaux Hillbillie Rock MS ROM - Billie Sue - Photo  RETIRED

CH Dynadaux Just Watch Me MS - Ursula - Photo  RETIRED

DC CH Dynadaux Rock My World MS - Pearl - Photo  RETIRED

MBISS CH Dynadaux Every Cowboy's Dream MS ROM - Evie Lyn - Photo
2000 #1 Miniature Smooth Dachshund         RETIRED

BISS CH Dynadaux Honky Tonk Bar N Grill MS ROMO - Jax - Photo and Pedigree
2003 #1 Miniature Smooth Dachshund RETIRED

CH Dynadaux Honky Tonk Attitude MS - Tutti - Photo  RETIRED

CH Add-Sim's Dahlia MS ROM - Dahlia - Photo  RETIRED

CH Dynadaux SoKissable Unbelievable MS - Cupcake - Photo  RETIRED

CH Dynadaux Honky Tonk Truth MS - Truly - Photo  RETIRED

CH Dynadaux Hillbillie Heaven MS- Patina - Photo RETIRED

CH Dynadaux Hollywood Dream MS- Trinket - Photo RETIRED

2001 #1 Miniature Smooth Dachshund and Field Trial Absolute Winner - The only miniature we know of to achieve both the #1 spot in show rankings that also went on to win an Absolute

Dual CH Dynadaux Just Like A Dream MS, CGC CG JE VC ROMX - Justine - Photo
1996 #1 Miniature Smooth Dachshund  RETIRED

CH Sonderbar Boomerang MS ROMO (Aus Imp) - Quigley - Photo and Pedigree
1996 #2 Dachshund Club of America Stud Dog  RETIRED

CH Dynadaux C-O-U-N-T-R-Y MS ROMX - Chump - Photo and Pedigree
1998 #5 Smooth Dachshund Club of America Stud Dog  RETIRED

CH Dynadaux Hillbillie Hollywood MS ROMO - Dillon - Photo and Pedigree  RETIRED

CH Dynadaux In Your Wildest Dream MS - Crank - Photo and Pedigree  RETIRED

Dual CH Add-Sim's Ritzi Rockette MS, CGC, CG, VC ROM - Ritzi  RETIRED

Dual CH Dynadaux Blast From The Past, CGC, SE, CG, VC ROM - Tootsie  RETIRED

Dual CH Dynadaux That's My Style MS, CGC, ME, CD, VC - Bentley  RETIRED

CH Dynadaux Black Velvet Spark, SE, CG - Livvy  RETIRED

Dual CH Dynadaux Dance in Circles MS, SE, CG, CCG, VC ROM - Vicki Jean

Multiple Absolute Winner                                                   RETIRED

Dual CH Dynadaux Midnight Rambler MS, ME, CGC, VC - Mick  RETIRED

CH Dynadaux Texas Black Gold MS - Driller  RETIRED

CH Dynadaux I'm Shameless MS - Cricket  RETIRED

CH Dynadaux That Kinda Girl MS - Gidget  RETIRED

CH Dynadaux Jus A Little Love MS - Huggy  RETIRED

CH Dynadaux Jailhouse Rock MS - Presley  RETIRED

CH Dynadaux Rock The Jukebox MS - AJ  RETIRED

Fld Pt. CH Dynadaux Nip'N'Tuck MS - Tucker  RETIRED

CH Dynadaux I Feel Lucky MS - Crystal  RETIRED

CH Bagerland Queen Annes Lace MS - Lacey  RETIRED

CH Dynadaux Midnight Mischief MS, CGC ROMX - Becca  RETIRED

Am/Can CH Dynadaux Western Girl MS - Gidget  RETIRED

CH Dynadaux I'm Wreckless MS, SE - Trucker  RETIRED

Am/Can CH Dynadaux Texas Tornado MS - Tex  RETIRED

CH Dynadaux I Like It I Love It MS - Christine  RETIRED

Dynadaux Isadore Yes He Is CD - Izzie  RETIRED

CH Dynadaux Tight Fittin Jeans MS, CD - Fredie  RETIRED

FC Dynadaux Sparkling Delilah JE ROMX  - Delilah  RETIRED

CH Dynadaux I Like It Like That MS - Crysket  RETIRED

CH Dynadaux Dixie On My Mind MS - Pittipat  RETIRED

CH Dynadaux Just Say Yes MS - Justus  RETIRED

CH Dynadaux The Cowboy Rides Away MS- Hooper  RETIRED

CH Dynadaux Hillbillie N High Heels MS- Lucy Lou  RETIRED

Am Can CH Dynadaux Hillbilly People Like Us MS - Jiggs  RETIRED

DC Dynadaux It's Midnight Cinderella MS - Robyn  RETIRED

Multiple Absolute Winner

CH Dynadaux Born to Fly MS - Ivy Mae  RETIRED

FC Dynadaux Til The Sun Comes Up MS, JE TD - Rowdy  RETIRED

DC Dynadaux Double Vision MW, NA NAJ NAP NJP JE CGC CG TDI - Nadine RETIRED

FC Dynadx Just Gimme That Wink MS- Winky  RETIRED

CH Dynadaux Aint Jus Whistlin Dixie MS- Dixon  RETIRED

CH Dynadaux Like A Dixie Flyer MS- Dixie Chick  RETIRED

Dynadaux Hunka Hunka Burnin' Love MS, CD - Burnie  RETIRED

CH Dynadaux Only In America MS ROMX - Macy  RETIRED

CH Dynadaux Sittin On Go MS - Shelby Jean  RETIRED

CH Dynadaux Genuine Redneck MS - Eric  RETIRED

CH Dynadaux From This Moment On MS - Lizzie  RETIRED

DC Dynadaux Gimme Eight Seconds MS TD- Harley  RETIRED

CH Dynadaux Southbound Train MS- Travis Ray  RETIRED

Dynadaux Song of the South MS, CD- Tara  RETIRED

The champions listed here reflect decades of showing Dynadauxies, RETIRED indicates they no longer reside here but rather have been placed in family homes, sold and/or have since gone on to Rainbow Bridge.  Our first champion title was earned in 1991.

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All information and photos on this website are the property of Dynadaux Miniature Dachshunds/ Cyndy Senff and may not be copied or used without permission.


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