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Update and Warning 2/4/11:  It has been brought to my attention that there are "network of breeders" websites charging ridiculous pricing for puppies.  Most of those I saw were nearly double what my peers and I charge.  As I have stated below........look past the glitz and glam of a pretty website to make sure of where you buy.  Also, never and I repeat never should you pay a fee to look.  I can't even believe I have to type that here.  Someone told me they were told they would have to pay $100 visitation fee at some kennel somewhere in Texas!!! 


One of the most common misconceptions is that if a website is good or flashy this translates to that breeder being a credible, good, responsible, ethical breeder.

A presence on the web is just that.  For a price anyone can have an impressive website.  What you want to know is how much depth is there to that person and their breeding program.

Does the breeder you are considering breed for the betterment of the breed or just to produce puppies?  Are they hoping keep something for themselves each time they plan a breeding? 

Do they allow you to see their facility and meet the dogs and parent(s) of the litter?  Note that if a bitch has been flown off to be bred to the best sire possible, obviously that sire will not be on the premises.

Is their facility clean and do the dogs look happy and well cared for?

Do they compete in AKC dogshows and other AKC events?  The purpose of such events is intended as a measuring stick for how well a breeding program is doing. 

Are they breeding a dog that looks like and behaves as intended according to the AKC standard for the breed?

Are they members of local breed and national breed clubs?  Note that there are minimum standards of acceptability to join and be voted into most clubs.  These clubs have Code of Ethics that must be adhered  to maintain membership with them.

When they say Champion bloodlines do they mean AKC? Or some knockoff registry?  How many champions are in the pedigree?  One or two or a majority?  See sample below of a pedigree.

You should know that many commercial breeders no longer register with AKC because of the requirements AKC places on breeders to maintain dogs well and submit to random inspections and DNA testing.  AKC has no equal as far as these issues are concerned but you should also know that AKC papers does not necessarily guarantee quality.  There are mass producers that do still register with AKC and make the requirements.  This may seem confusing but now you know the AKC is just a registry that guarantees a dog is purebred which is not a guarantee of the breeder and the quality of animals they produce.

When they say they show or compete, does that mean on a regular basis or that they enter one show a year which they may or may not attend just to be able to say they show?

In summary, most reputable breeders will not be pushy and try to sell you something totally different than what you want.  They donít have a plethora of puppies to pick from at all times and they donít sell them at 4,5,6,7 weeks.

Responsible breeders sell puppies between 9 and 12 weeks after they have picked their puppies from the litter.  Puppies are routinely wormed and given one to two shots or more by the time they are ready to go.  They are fed premium quality dog food.  The quality of care given their dogs is never driven by the bottom line.  Generally if a breeder makes their living off their dogs corners are going to be cut to save money.    A good breeder will be interested in where their puppies go, will take them back and re-home them rather than having them ending up somewhere unacceptable and will be there to answer your questions even after the check clears.

You are making a 12 to 15 year investment in purchasing a Miniature Dachshund.  Invest your time, arm yourself with knowledge and find a reputable breeder.  Be prepared to wait if you have to.  The right dog is worth waiting for.

Click here to see Jax's pedigree -  Sample Pedigree

Note that names in red on a pedigree are champions.




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